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All natural beauty products?Can anyone come up with a list of natural products that are used for beauty? Such as tea tree oil for acne, etc? Please include what the use is!

Posted by S Harrison
adminNatural beauty tips and products

Natural beauty products: The best organic beauty companies
Natural beauty products get your skin glowing and healthy the organic way! ELLE Canada picks the top organic beauty and natural beauty products to look for.

Natural beauty: Roger & Gallet expand its empire
Paris-based toiletries brand Roger & Gallet expand its 200-year-old natural beauty product empire.

Natural beauty: Organic beauty products
Organic beauty products get the green light! Here are ELLE Canada’s top ten organic beauty picks!

High-tech or natural beauty?
When it comes to beauty products, what’s better: high-tech or natural?

Natural beauty or enhanced beauty?The media today as well as people play an active role in influencing self esteem issues,I have only worn make up once in my lifetime to a wedding but I have a friend who will not be seen without make up and she is naturally very beautiful.Question for the men and women of yahoo…Natural beauty? Or enhanced beauty?

Outer beauty is just another form of beauty in gods eye’s we are all beautiful,personality traits can make a person very ugly makeup and plastic surgery can never cover up a nasty disposition…Who really can stand to deal with a person that is vain? I love being natural and God made me beautiful….but nothing is more beautiful than being loved by God,loving yourself and being loved by true true friends.

Posted by mocha9914luv1
adminNatural beauty and I totally agree with you, people should love theirsleves, the way God made them and appreciate that rather than trying to make themselves more beautiful, I mean theres nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty as long as it is not to much to try and make you into a different person because then it can look fake, its sad to know that there are many girls out here nowadays who believe that they need make up to make them selves beautiful when they cannot understand that we are all beautiful in all our own unique way would it be fair that God made some of us pretty but not others? Natural beauty is best because God loves people who accept their natural beauty and accept and appreciate the way God has made them, I believe that people who love and accept their natural beauty are amazing and wonderful people so go you! You are not a vain person at all and you will get far in life hope this helped xxxxxx.

Natural beauty or fake beauty?These days it seems to be all about the dyeing of the hair and the painting of the face.
My best friend and I are opposite.
I don’t die my hair or wear makeup, although I do admit to straightening my hair and occasionally curling it.
And she, although still very gorgeous, wears a lot of eye makeup and dyes her hair quite a bit.
I’m just wondering, which do you prefer or are more like?
:D and why do you like it better?
Oh yeah, plastic surgery ties into the fake beauty.
I completely disregarded that.
But you should know what I mean.

Posted by syd
adminNATURAL BEAUTY!!!!!!!! I have done both, i went through a period when I was rerally fake-looking with tons of makeup and bleach blonde hair. Lots of guys liked me but they were ALL jerks who just wanted to use me. So I quit the fake look and went all natural, minimal or no makeup and my natural brown hair color. Guess what? Just as many boys still like me but now they are the RIGHT kind of boy. The ones who treat me like a princess and love me for my inner beauty. They think my face is beautiful, not my makeup.

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